Tegnar will not tolerate any kind of discrimination or bullying in our workplace. Tegnar is an equal opportunity employer, and staff members are promoted on the basis of talent. Tegnar is committed to hiring quality staff, building a team that is dedicated to excellence, and maintaining a peaceful working environment. We uphold the right of every individual to work in a supportive, respectful workplace. Bullying, harassment or discrimination within the immediate workplace, or at a client’s premises, will be grounds for immediate dismissal.


At Tegnar we believe learning is a lifetime commitment. Achieving above average professional success is only possible if you continue to train and gain experience in your chosen field. We seek to employ individuals who are eager to learn and improve their skills, and we provide a myriad of learning and training opportunities to our employees. Our ultimate aim is to help our staff reach their potential and create an innovative environment in which every member can thrive.


Innovation is a number one priority in the field of Information Technology. Tegnar expects our staff to be constantly considering and implementing innovative solutions for our customers. Innovative solutions happen when we are thinking on the go, so an ability to think quickly is important. We understand the importance of innovation for driving a strong, efficient business. We encourage innovative individuals to join us, and offer a supportive and exciting environment for the right candidates.


Tegnar is committed to helping our staff achieve their professional goals, and we expect the same level of commitment in return. Skills can be taught, but commitment is intangible and priceless. At Tegnar we value your commitment and reward your professional efforts.
Healthy Competition and Incentives
Tegnar believes healthy competition brings out the best in people. We offer promotions and bonuses to staff members who provide exceptional and extraordinary ideas for our business, and we believe in rewarding high performance with bonuses. Good salaries and excellent incentives motivate our staff to find new and innovative solutions for our clients. Tegnar also believes a good incentives program is one component to retaining quality staff, which results in greater productivity for our clients. If you have a positive attitude, real commitment to your professional goals, and exceptional ideas, Tegnar can offer you excellent working conditions and some great incentives too.


As with any company in a competitive environment, Tegnar undertakes performance evaluations of our staff. Our guidelines, rules and expectations are clearly stated to all new recruits. Our evaluations are fair, and should be viewed as an important tool to help each staff member achieve their professional goals.

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